Psychotherapy and Counselling

We are complex beings with cognitive, emotional, psychological, physical, physiological and energy circuits that are all interconnected with each other. When you suffer emotional or psychological stress, your body will also experience physical stress or illness.

Your emotions, physical sensations, illness and thoughts are all connected. Somatic therapy (bodywork) explores and makes sense of these connections and their impact on your wellbeing.

If you have emotional, physical and relational challenges, Souljourn’s unique blend of Gestalt and Somatic Psychotherapy can offer an effective way of building awareness and working through the blocks in your life.

“Thank you for listening to me. I walk away each time with new energy and a plan. You make me feel as though I’m not going crazy and totally understand my journey” – therapy client

Transpersonal Therapy

Naomi brings together the tools of psychotherapy and the magic of intuitive and psychic knowing to guide you through an exploration of your life. Through this inner soulful connection you can release old patterns and beliefs that may be restricting your capacity for happiness, growth and abundance.

Naomi’s style of transpersonal therapy (for example, moving beyond the physical person) has the capacity to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability to facilitate expansion and self-awareness.  There is a strong focus on the mind/body connection, spiritual transcendence, personal values and a recognition of what is sacred.

“Spiritual purpose cannot be condensed into a job … it is a way of being.”

Collective healing group sessions

Naomi facilitates groups online and in-person to address and heal individual and collective trauma. The result of these sessions can be profound and can begin to shift destructive patterns, trauma and pain throughout generations.

For more information and details on the current group session schedule please contact Naomi.

“When a group of people come together with the intention of healing another—and they know how to get beyond themselves, connect to the quantum field, open their hearts, and demonstrate brain and heart coherence—we now know that they can heal one another.” – Dr Joe Dispenza

Clinical Supervision and Reflective Practice

What is Supervision and Reflective Practice?

Supervision and reflective practice is a service that provides a confidential space for supervisees to share, reflect and explore solutions to challenges in all aspects of their work with an experienced practitioner. The focus of supervision is to support the supervisee to continue to develop as a professional. This includes having the support to look outside of your current practice with a view to challenging the areas where you may find yourself getting stuck or having remnants of your own trauma ignited.

Who benefits from Supervision or Reflective Practice?

As human beings, we all benefit from a structured practice of self-reflection. And as professionals and practitioners, the practice of supervision and/or reflective practice is vital to ensure that we provide a safe and supportive environment for our clients. It is also vital for our own mental health and wellbeing, particularly when working in the field of trauma and crisis.

Naomi has worked with clients ranging from frontline workers in NSW Government and Non-Government agencies to Family Law Practitioners and continues to be a strong voice for the self-care benefits of this practice for all professionals.

“Naomi Sirio is a compassionate and highly sensitive therapist who works completely from her heart. I have known Naomi for several years and highly recommend her as a healer, coach and therapist. Naomi is a beautiful soul who works hard to create more peace, harmony and meaning in the lives of those she meets.”

“My experience was a completely unexpected return to my true essence. I feel as though my emotions and my heart were reset and I was able to fully tap into my psyche in a safe, loving and supportive environment.” – AM


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