About me

“Naomi showed me compassion and in her beautiful, sensitive but powerful manner she equipped me with the tools and knowledge to help me heal. I have so much gratitude and thanks to Naomi. She has been a blessing beyond measure in my life.” – Mel

To be of service is to consciously choose to offer yourself in support of others, and Souljourn has been birthed to do this.

SoulJourn (or the Soul’s Journey) is a nurturing therapeutic space, combining psychotherapy, body work, principles of ancestral healing and clinical supervision.

With a beautiful office space on the NSW Central Coast, Souljourn provides a range of services from this space in addition to online sessions across the world.

Souljourn also provides contracted training services across Australia on complex trauma, professional wellbeing and Family and Domestic Violence.

Are you at a turning point in your life?

Do you seek clarity? Fulfilment? Purpose?

Do you desire support to claim back your power and live your most passionate and soulful life?

Take the next step on your journey here, return to self-love, listen to your inner guidance and walk your soul’s journey in abundance.


My name is Naomi and this is my beautiful offering to the world … Souljourn.

I am a spiritually guided psychotherapist and healer on a lifelong journey of self-exploration.  I’ve sat in the space of client through my own therapeutic journey over the last 20 years.  My own personal work is continual and breathtakingly beautiful, and continuing on this path of ongoing transformation through my own therapy helps me to bring a more aware and open version of myself to my role as a support to you.

There have been many roles and responsibilities, triumphs and failures that have brought me to where I am and every day I challenge myself to work towards embracing them all. It is the wisdom of these challenges and triumphs that I call on in my work.

My intention is to share my learnings with others – like you. Together we have the capacity to explore, challenge and lovingly connect with our ‘stuff’ so that it can find its place as a part of who we are.

I have qualifications in Gestalt and Somatic psychotherapy and training & education which allow me to be clinically registered and insured as a practitioner. This is peace of mind for you (and me) but is only part of the big picture. I have studied and immersed myself in REIKI, energetic medicine, healing ceremony, shamanic medicine and intuitive readings and have been trained by the amazing Psychic/Medium and all-round lovely guy Michael Wheeler.  My private practice has developed over the last fifteen years and I am fulfilled on a daily basis by the healing that my clients and I work on together.

Over much of my lifetime I have worked with thousands of people who have taught me more than they will ever know. It is their resilience, courage and capacity to grow despite the most devastating circumstances that has, in part, made me who I am. To each of them I am eternally grateful.

I come to my work with an open heart. Most days bring with them personal and professional challenges but I am committed to giving these challenges the opportunity to expand my awareness and stretch me out of my comfort zone.

All change brings uncertainty … but it also brings opportunity. My wish for you is that you find a way to navigate your current challenge, with an allowing heart and open arms. And if you need someone to hold your hand for a while … I would be honoured to be given that opportunity.

“Was just thinking about you and how you really helped me.  I will never forget it and I am where I am because of your guidance and support and helping me believe in myself.  I often tell people I was helped by an angel and that was you.” – S, Family Violence survivor


About you …

You dream and desire …

  • to feel well;
  • to thrive;
  • to have a happy and abundant life;
  • to heal illness;
  • to forgive and love more;
  • to know what the next step for you is

You may …

  • Feel stuck or lacking purpose
  • Be at a major transition in your life
  • Have just experienced a loss like divorce
  • Be seeking a more spiritually connected existence

You and I can work through this together. You already have the answers and I’m here to support you to find them within.


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