Frequently asked

Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know –Pema Chodron
How much does a session cost?
  • Each individual session is $120
  • Couples sessions $140
  • Supervision/reflective practice $120

Payable when booking online or via eftpos at time of session.

How long does a session take?
Each session is 1 hour in duration
What can I expect from my session?
This really depends on you as each session is unique and individual.

Most clients benefit from a balance of ‘talk therapy’ and bodywork, including intuitively guided work through acupressure and energy centre points.

All elements of Naomi’s work with clients incorporate a connection to spirituality and its link to healing the body, mind and spirit.

What is your cancellation policy?
Life gets hectic at times but a notification of cancellation at least 24 hours prior to your session would be very much appreciated to avoid a 50% cancellation fee.
How many sessions will I need before I notice a shift?
Again, this depends on you. My suggestion is three initial sessions over a period of three weeks to create some initial change. How we proceed beyond this varies and depends on the level of support that you require longer term. Many clients attend three sessions and then take some time to adapt to change before returning whereas other clients benefit greatly from a more regular, longer term therapeutic approach.
What if I can’t get to your rooms in Erina?
Many clients both within Australia and across the world benefit from telephone and skype sessions. Souljourn also offers support via a number of online programs.


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