Embodying the archetypes and stages of womanhood

  • Online group for women aged 45 – 65 years
  • Six sessions – 1.5 hours fortnightly
  • Wednesday evenings 7pm-8.30pm AESDT
  • Total for group is $260 AUD to be paid prior to session commencing (to ensure continuity and connection throughout the six sessions)
  • A zoom link and passcode will be provided in the week leading up to the first session

$260.00 AUD

Women are able to tune in to the energy of these life stages to remember the past, and rehearse the future. Each archetype, and therefore, phase of the cycle holds its own energy, strengths, and weaknesses. By creating an intimate relationship with these archetypes, one can heal past wounds, and prepare for what is to come.  This will be our focus throughout our six sessions together.

In addition, we will explore the psychological, spiritual and emotional aspects of health and wellbeing throughout this archetypal period eg. Peri-menopause, menopause.


Our focus … The Creatrix

Who is the creatrix?

The Creatrix archetype is represented by ages 45-65 of a woman’s life.

The Creatrix holds the energy of discernment. She is able to see with great clarity what is working well and what is not. She can sense this in areas of business, relationships, and anything that feels unbalanced.

She will often act out in areas of life that are unbalanced to shine a light on the areas that aren’t receiving enough attention during the rest of the cycle. This awareness may also come up to highlight the areas of life that are receiving too much attention, that may need to be readjusted or let go of.

The Creatrix energy is one of receiving and moving inwards. This is a transition from the previous phase of the Mother energy which is giving and moving outwards.

Women may feel a surge of productivity during this time, especially around matters that are important and true to their heart. These prospects may not always seem productive to others on the outside.

She cares less about showing up in the way she was taught, and is more concerned about showing up as her truest self. Women may feel the Creatrix as a turning in of energy, and a desire to be alone to create and produce things from the heart.

Women can tune into the Creatrix by taking this time to journal, reflect, and evaluate that which is working and not working in life. This can prepare the mind and body for the next phase, where there is space for letting go and making the shifts needed to come out on the other side with more balance and clarity.


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