Welcome to the Courage and Soul project

The Courage and Soul project is my passion project. Over the years I have been invited into the lives of hundreds of inspiring women and girls. They have shared a precious part of the story of their lives with me and I have been forever changed because of each and every one of them.

My own life story and the story of the women in my family who came before me, has been one of challenge, courage and soul. My girlfriends and sisters who have held my hand and lovingly and energetically whispered, "We are here, you can do this." To you beautiful people, my love and appreciation, are beyond words.

One of my amazing teachers, Brene Brown says: “You can choose courage or you can choose comfort; but you cannot have both.”

Sometimes courage comes unwillingly. We fight to hold on to the comfort of what we know until it is either taken from us or becomes unbearable to maintain. Each of the women on these pages have been pushed to the depths of a soulful re-examination of life. They share their story to encourage you to find the courage to do the same.

Over 30 days of June, you will meet inspiring women and girls who have a story to tell. Whether it be a story of illness or transition, loss or transformation, these women are graciously allowing us access into the vulnerability and strength of the story of their life. This is a sacred space and I feel blessed to have been invited in.

The birth of this project would not have been possible without Andrew Hellmich from Impact Images. Thank you Andrew for donating your time and photography brilliance to this project. And to his amazing partner and my beautiful friend Linda for helping to keep us on track.

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Nominations for this project are open now. Please nominate someone that you believe demonstrates a life of courage and soul. It may be a friend, colleague, neighbour or even you.

The steps are simple:

  • 1.    Click on the ‘Nomination Form’ button, complete and send
  • 2.    Sign up to Souljourn’s newsletter ‘Soulspark’ to be updated on the progress of the project
  • 3.    Once the nomination period has ended, 30 stories will be selected
  • 4.   All successful nominees will be contacted by email

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